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The Cytoforum is the best place to connect with the greater CyTOF community on a variety of topics ranging from experimental design, instrument operation, data analysis and more. Search older posts, ask your questions,  get information on publications, and answer questions in your area of expertise. 

Panel Design

An antibody panel design tool and supporting documents are available by creating an account with Fluidigm. Please be sure to read the Panel Design User Guide before utilizing the design tool.



Antibodies & Reagents

Pre-conjugated antibodies are available from Fluidigm and from the BWH Antibody Core.  Fluidigm also provides pre-designed panel kits, sample prep reagents, barcoding kits. and Max-Par antibody conjugation kits to conjugate your own antibodies.  



Protocols for antibody conjugation, cell surface, viability, cytoplasmic targets, nuclear targets, signaling proteins and phosphoproteins can be found on Fluidigm’s website by scrolling down to the CyTOF section. They can also be accessed when logged into the panel design tool website (see the panel design button above). 

Lederer Lab (BWH) Antibody Catalog

Like Fluidigm, the Lederer Lab at Brigham and Women’s Hospital offers an expansive catalog of metal tagged antibodies. We can offer guidance in constructing a panel that will optimize coverage and resolution.

Fluidigm Assays

These assays have been pre-tested by Fluidigm, ensuring coverage and lack of noise/interference.

Publications using CyTOF