Frequently Asked Questions


Policies & F.A.Q.s

  • Sample Preparation

    We house a fully outfitted sample preparation laboratory with bench spaces assigned for antibody conjugation, labeling and titration.  To ensure highest quality of data produced, we require all reagents used are certified for mass cytometry and are ultra-pure.  If you prepare samples in your own facility your sample collection/cell isolation protocol and all reagents used in your sample preparation process must be verified by our staff before samples are run in our facility.  Poorly prepared/chemically contaminated samples such as residual density gradient used during PBMC sample isolation will compromise sample integrity and lower quality of data output.  In other cases, trace amounts of barium released from non-certified plasticware will damage instrument detector hardware and render your investment unusable at the same time.

  • Booking Policies

    Sample preparation time will be assessed on a case by case basis Sample processing can be booked in half hour increments, one hour minimum Consultation can be booked in half hour increments, half hour minimum

  • Shipping Policies

    Whole blood samples must be shipped at 4°C, and arrive at core facility no later than two days post blood draw Pre-prepped samples may be overnight shipped in DNA intercalator at 4°C

  • Billing Policies

    Quote will be generated upon request of service PO must be provided before sample is processed Invoice will be generated & charge will be applied upon completion of service

  • Additional Resources

    Cytoforum – a community of mass cytometry experts offering advice on all aspects of CyTOF-based experiments We are happy to answer any additional questions, email us at